Behind the Paisley Finds Curtain: The Origins of Our Beloved Boutique

Behind the Paisley Finds Curtain: The Origins of Our Beloved Boutique

Welcome to the new Paisley Finds blog, friends!

We want to get started with our content journey by pulling back the curtain and giving you an insider's peek into the heartwarming story of Paisley Finds. So grab your favorite cozy drink and get ready for a tale of inspiration, determination, and a dose of small-town charm.

Picture this: a native Kuna gal with over three decades of Alaskan adventures under her belt. Yup, that's our founder, Julie! After spending years up north, she made her way back home to Kuna about three years ago. But let's be real—she didn't just come back for the potatoes (though they're pretty great). She came back with a vision.

See, our founder noticed something missing in our quaint "little" town. People were tired of having to make the trek out for every little shopping need. And who could blame them? So, armed with a passion for style and a deep love for her community, she set out to fill that gap.

Now, about the name—Paisley Finds. Ever heard of the paisley pattern? It's all about abundance, wealth, and luxury. But here's the kicker: we didn't want to be boxed into just one type of boutique. Nope, we're all about offering a little something for everyone—whether you're hunting for that special occasion outfit, stocking up on wardrobe staples, or sprucing up your home with some killer decorations.

But it's not just about the clothes and decor here. We're all about that small-town vibe, you know? The kind of place where you walk in and feel like you're among friends. And hey, speaking of friends, that's you! We're here to inspire, uplift, and watch this community grow—because at Paisley Finds, it's not just about the shopping; it's about the journey we take together.

So, there you have it—our story, straight from the heart. We're beyond grateful to have you along for the ride. Welcome to Paisley Finds, where every find tells a story, and every story begins with you.



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